Ascend Autisum Coronavirus Policy Update

Family Letter:

We at Ascend Autism wanted to provide a brief update in light of the COVID-19 situation. First, like many of you, we are closely monitoring the developments and any local notices of closings or other changes that may impact our services. As of today, we are not changing how we service our families. Fortunately, our services are in-home, and therefore somewhat isolated from the broader precautions addressing large group venues (schools, clinics, etc.). Nevertheless, we are taking appropriate precautions to limit any potential risks.

Most importantly, we are monitoring the health of our Ascend Team Members. If any of our staff members become ill they will take precautions and consult a physician and we will confirm their recovery prior to returning for services. Further, all of our team will be following thorough hand washing protocols which is the most effective means of limiting the spread of any virus.

In addition to our precautions, we request that if someone in your direct family should experience flu or cold like symptoms, please inform Ascend Autism and we would recommend consulting a physician as well.

We remain dedicated to the continued therapy services of your child and family. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us (877-323-8668) or email (

Staff Direction:

Ascend Autism Team members, as we are an essential service to all of our families we must be very mindful of our presence in their homes. Further, each of our families have different circumstances and in these time of heightened health concerns we limit any additional risk of exposure. Therefor out of caution, we would request that the Ascend Autism team comply with a few simple measures:

– First, please keep us informed should you become symptomatic for a cold or flu (e.g. fever, cough, etc.). Specifically, please notify your BCBA and also
– Further, we would request that if you do become ill to consult your doctor at your earliest opportunity and provide us with a status of your situation.
– Additionally, when you arrive at your client, we request you to remove your shoes and wash your hands thoroughly. Besides this being the appropriate steps to limit the spread of any virus, it clearly demonstrates actions we are taking to address the current concerns.
– Finally, if you believe a client family is experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, please inform us so that we can reach out to the family to address the situation directly with them.
– Strictly follow social distancing practices and until further notice we request you limit an unnecessary exposure and avoid public places when at all possible.