teacher and child in preschool special education program

Preschool Special Education Program

No matter how severe a child’s condition with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), they have a right to a free, appropriate public education. From the moment a child enters a preschool special education program, state and federal government guarantees protections and benefits to make sure they receive an appropriate education without cost to parents. However, finding…

teacher with child learning what is CPSE

What Is CPSE?

As a developmental disorder affecting verbal and nonverbal communication, autism’s impact on children three to five years old is significant. During this time, children first begin to socialize and interact with others beyond their immediate family. Often, this is a time when experts identify autism since it is when some classic characteristics first appear.  Resistance…

little girl and woman playing thanks to home care treatment for autism

In-Home Treatment for Autism

There’s a great deal written about how children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) cope with their disability outside of the home. Although ASD does present definite challenges in social and educational situations, it doesn’t take the rest of the day off. Autism is always present and active, especially at home. In many ways, the home…

adult with child post testing for autism

Life After an ASD Diagnosis

Unfortunately, for many people, the idea of a potential autism diagnosis for a loved one is something to fear or potentially laugh off. At face value, the prospect of an official diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be frightening. The temptation is to view an ASD diagnosis as a negative. The reality of the…

occupational therapy for autism

Occupational Therapy for Autism

Occupational Therapy for Autism Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often have a difficult time interacting with the world around them. The majority of kids with ASD have problems processing sensory input. This may be because they can’t filter out unimportant sights, sounds, and other stimuli, or don’t process it as fast as their peers.…