Core Services

Ascend Autism’s service offering, while comprehensive, is entirely based on Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”), which is accepted as the most effective intervention for the treatment of ASD for children, adolescents, teens and beyond.

Early Intervention

Autism spectrum disorder treatment programs for childrenABA treatment is most effective when deployed as early as possible upon diagnosis. Early Intervention is typically utilized when treating children from ~18 months to 7 years old. The therapy is usually more intensive and consists of a weekly program of 20 to 40 hours of treatment.

Targeted Intervention

If the child is older or if the broader set of autism behavioral challenges have already been met, an autism spectrum disorder treatment program can be pared down and focused on more functional activities including hygiene, feeding, chores and social interaction. This level of targeted intervention usually requires fewer hours of therapy per week (typically 10 to 25 hours).

School Consultation

Our staff works directly with each child as well as with their school to ensure the behavior modification being addressed as part of our autism spectrum disorder treatment program in Westchester, NY, and Fairfield County, CT, is also effective in the school setting.

Additional or Ancillary Services

Social Skills Group Activities

Children participate in an engaging social curriculum with similarly aged peers to learn and develop important social skills.

Parental Training

In general, participation by the parents is inherent to the core set of therapy services. However, additional sessions targeted towards parental-driven activities in the home can further assist the child’s development with regard to autism therapy.

How Our Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment Program Begins

Regardless of where you live, Ascend Autism is here to help families and their children through Applied Behavior Analysis.

Families begin the process by registering with Ascend Autism either online or by phone. In order to move forward with the registration process, parents must submit:

  • Their insurance card
  • A prescription with an ASD diagnosis (applicable in New York)
  • Evaluation report with an official ASD diagnosis

From there, our office contacts the family’s insurance company to verify benefits. If we are able to confirm benefits, we send the family an intake packet for their child. If the benefits are denied, family members have the option of either private pay or speaking to their HR representative about changing insurance coverage options.

Once we receive the intake information back from the parents, Ascend Autism will seek assessment authorization from the insurance company. The assessment authorization can take up to two weeks.

Child Assessment and Services Authorization

Once we receive authorization for the assessment, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will follow-up with the family to schedule an assessment. After the assessment, the BCBA will submit a service request to the insurance company to recommend the child’s specific hours or therapy. It generally takes about two weeks to process this request.

Once services are authorized, Ascend Autism will contact the family to coordinate a start date.

Contact Ascend Autism Today

Questions about our autism disorder treatment program in Westchester, NY? Reach out to the Ascend Autism Group today. Contact us at 877.323.8668.