Ascend Autism’s early intervention program provides in-home care for younger children who demonstrate signs of autism. We tailor our program to each child’s unique needs and offer a wide range of learning opportunities and activities.

If you are looking for an early intervention program, contact us today. Our board-certified behavioral analysts can assess your child and provide the right intervention program that helps your child learn and grow.

What is Early Autism Intervention?

There is no strict definition of “early intervention” with autism spectrum disorder. Studies have shown that children as young as 18 months can benefit from therapy, although the more subtle signs of ASD may elude a doctor’s eye until the child is older. However, depending on your state, it is not necessary to have a medical diagnosis of ASD to begin addressing suspected problems.

Lacking a doctor’s diagnosis can make the decision to start your child on an early intervention program seem premature or unnecessary. In the case of autism, however, it can make all the difference. Early intervention is particularly effective in children as young as two because their brain is still forming.

At this critical stage in a child’s development, therapy is more likely to have long-term effects on the child’s ultimate progress. Although rare, early intervention can be so effective that a child could potentially lose their ASD diagnosis altogether.

A Profile of Early Intervention

Early intervention typically begins with assessing the child, focusing on their unique abilities and challenges. A specialist (often a psychologist, pediatrician, or developmental pediatrician) performs the assessment by asking the parents questions and observing and interacting with the child. Following this initial intake or screening, the specialist will determine if it is necessary to solicit the help of other ASD specialists. Regardless, an ASD specialist will formulate a therapy plan that will include different methods and desired goals or milestones.

Early autism intervention may use several different therapies, but among the most popular – and most effective – is applied behavior analysis (ABA). During the course of ABA therapy, specialists will observe how an individual behaves in real-life situations. Then, they will intervene when appropriate to improve socially significant functions. Interventions help to:

  • Encourage positive behaviors
  • Discourage negative behaviors
  • Maintain appropriate behaviors (i.e., self-control)
  • Transfer behaviors from one scenario to another
  • Restrict conditions for negative behaviors

Early intervention programs focus on developing skills typically associated with the first two or three years of life, such as physical control, cognitive ability, social skills, emotional regulation, and communication.

If you’re the parent of a child with autism, you know how confusing and frustrating it can be. You want nothing more than to see your child improve and thrive. But finding the right treatment can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Contact us today to find out how Ascend Autism can help with early autism intervention therapy options.

Early Autism Intervention Assessment

Child working with therapist as part of an early intervention program for autismOnce your child has an autism diagnosis, we conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment. The assessment helps us to determine the best approach for your child’s stage of development and how best to utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The assessment includes:

Identifying Your Child’s Unique Needs

Every child in our early intervention program is unique. We try to identify their individual differences, family environment, and available resources. We aim to meet your child where they are and start from there.

Determining Developmental Needs

Your child has a set of strengths and challenges. They have developmental needs and challenges during the early stages of autism. We determine the best path for your child’s learning based on their strengths and challenges.

Helping Your Child Overcome Challenges

We provide therapy and education for parents to help their child meet their goals. Our specialists work with you to assist your child as they overcome specific challenges. We employ proven methods, like natural environment teaching, that promote real progress at home and in your child’s natural environment.

Developing a Long-Term Plan for Success for Early Autism Intervention

Ascend Autism’s early intervention program prepares your child for long-term success throughout their life. We use a practical approach in every area of our therapy and education. When you partner with us, you will see real results that promote a healthy and happy life.

Why We Use Early Intervention ABA Therapy

ABA is an evidence-based therapy that we use as part of our therapy programs, including our early autism intervention program. Early intervention ABA therapy helps us to understand how your child’s behavior works and how it affects the world around them. It also gives us insight into how your child learns new things.

There are several benefits to ABA early intervention programs, such as:

  • ABA can improve a child’s language and ability to communicate.
  • It can sharpen children’s focus, social skills, and academic performance.
  • Early intervention ABA therapy can drastically reduce behavioral problems.

How We Can Help Your Child with Early Autism Intervention

There are several tools and strategies that we use to help your child with early intervention, such as:

  • Coordinating with your child’s school to create a collaborative effort
  • Repetition with day-to-day tasks
  • Teaching positive interaction with others
  • Working with toys and educational resources to stimulate human interaction

Everything we do is geared toward measurable success and favorable outcomes. We partner with you to create a loving and stimulating atmosphere for your child. Our programs begin at home to focus on our child’s natural environment and eventually transition to situations and interactions found outside of the home.

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