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Get in Touch with Ascend Autism!

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ABA Therapy for Autism in Westchester County, NY

Our Approach to Autism Therapy

Ascend Autism’s program in Westchester County is rooted in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.


ABA focuses on the link between learning and behavior. It intends to help individuals improve their focus, social skills, and communication skills. As a flexible and practical approach, it relies heavily on consistency and positive reinforcement to create meaningful and positive outcomes.


ABA has been strongly endorsed by the medical community (including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association) as the single evidenced-based practice to address ASD.

Helping Children And Families Succeed!

Center-Based ABA Therapy in Westchester County

Photo of building that houses Ascend Autism's early childhood center

Ascend Autism’s Early Childhood ABA center in Hawthorne provides ABA services for children and families across Westchester County, NY

Our 6,000-square-foot facility is a warm and nurturing environment ideal for younger children to make significant progress through our full-day and half-day programs, as well as for school-aged children in our after-school programs.

Full-Day Program

Our full-day program is perfectly suited for children from 18 months to 5 years old and working families. This is a comprehensive, full-day program (35-40 hours per week) led by experienced BCBAs (Board-Certified Behavior Analysts) and therapists.

Half-Day Program

Our half-day program has similar benefits as the full-day program in a less intensive format of 20-25 hours per week during either a morning or afternoon session.

Additional Programs

Finally, our center offers after-school services, a NY EI Toddler Development Group program¹, Parent Coaching, and Social Skills groups.

In-Home ABA Therapy in Westchester County

For children unable to attend center-based therapy, in-home services can also be effective. That’s why Ascend Autism also offers in-home autism support to families in Westchester County.

Working with children at home provides many opportunities for growth and learning. Whether in-home therapy becomes a progression to center-based services, or if it is a targeted after-school program, Ascend implements the same successful one-on-one ABA therapy in the comfort of your home. 

These are just some of the cities where we offer in-home autism therapy:

To confirm whether we provide in-home ABA therapy near you, just give us a call.

Types of ABA Services We Provide

Autism therapy is most effective as early as possible in a child’s life since signs of autism appear in children as young as 18 months. Early Intervention ABA services can range from 20 to 40 hours per week. 


We offer full-day and half-day early intervention programs in our ABA Center in Hawthorne, NY. These services are customized for each child’s particular needs, but they are always naturalistic and play-based. We use different techniques, tools, and games to create a supportive, stimulating environment that encourages the development of new skills.

For less intensive support, ABA is ideal for school-age children who can benefit from after-school therapy sessions addressing a narrower list of goals. Targeted ABA therapy begins at a minimum of 15 hours per week. Individual therapy programs are developed following an ABA Assessment, which allows our BCBA to set the therapy goals with the family.

Communication and Social Skills are a common challenge for children with Autism. These skills include:

  • Eye contact
  • Conversation using idioms and euphemisms
  • Facial expressions
  • Body language
  • Even basic verbal communication

In more severe cases, we present, model, and develop communication tools that can create a roadmap for spoken language. In less severe cases, we teach children how to listen to, understand, and comprehend verbal and non-verbal communication. Based on newly developed communication tools, we build age-appropriate social and play skills in either a one-on-one or group setting with peers.

Parents of children with autism face a range of emotional, behavioral, and practical challenges. Our Parent Coaching programs demonstrate to parents how to participate in their child’s ABA therapy and continue the progress beyond their therapy sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to learn, model, and practice techniques to help your child with key issues, leading to improvements at home, school, and beyond.

Contact Ascend Autism to Start ABA Therapy for Your Child

Ascend Autism provides a wide range of therapy programs for children diagnosed with Autism and their families located across Westchester County. We offer a comprehensive approach to the challenges associated with autism spectrum disorder tailored to your child’s specific needs.

For an initial consultation, call us today at (877)323-8668 or contact us online.

¹ Ascend Autism is an approved and contracted NY EIP provider and all EIP services are provided with no out-of-pocket costs to parents but your health insurance may be accessed. Ascend’s Toddler Developmental Group is a publicly funded program by NY state and the county, available to children under the age of three, who are believed to have a developmental disability. Services can only be provided after eligibility is determined by a state-approved evaluator and if eligible all services are identified in collaboration with parents and authorized by the municipality at which time the municipality will arrange for service providers based on the needs of the child and family. If interested in services, families should call (914) 813-5094. 

Learning Every Step of the Way

What to Expect on your Journey

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