What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a collection of developmental disorders that range from hardly noticeable to almost crippling. A child diagnosed with autism is said to be “on the spectrum” and exactly where they fall “on the spectrum” depends on the severity or acuity of their symptoms. These symptoms vary from case to case and include verbal and non-verbal communication issues, social difficulties, and repetitive behaviors. Furthermore, ASD can hinder the development of life skills like personal hygiene, personal safety, career opportunities, and others. 

Recognition of ASD has increased since the Center for Disease Control began tracking it almost twenty years ago. The CDC reports that autism now affects 1 in 59 children in the US—up 15 percent in two years. Improvements in diagnosing ASD account for much of this, with numerous cases of autism having gone unacknowledged before. Cleary, ASD is a more significant disorder than previously understood and therefore requires more attention today. 

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Science has yet to find a single, root cause for autism. Several factors, both environmental and genetic, seem to play a role in its development. However, Ascend Autism’s autism treatment programs for families located in Westchester County, NY, provide the most effective treatment for children diagnosed with ASD.

Autism Treatment Program

Through our autism treatment programs offered to families located throughout  Westchester County, NY, we offer multiple types of programs based on the child’s particular needs. At the heart of our practice is a technique called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), commonly seen as the most effective way to address the difficulties associated with autism. ABA focuses on the link between learning and behavior to help individuals improve memory, focus, and communication skills. It’s a flexible and pragmatic approach and relies heavily on the idea of positive reinforcement.


Via Ascend Autism’s programs for families located in Westchester County, NY, our treatments fall into four main categories.

  • Early Intervention: Autism treatments are most effective when they start as early as possible in the child’s life. Signs of autism can develop in children by 18 months of age, and treatment can start as soon as a medical professional provides a diagnosis. Early intervention usually takes place at home and is customizable to each child’s particular needs. We use different techniques, tools, and games to create a supportive, stimulating environment in a familiar location. 
  • Targeted Intervention: As the name suggests, targeted intervention concentrates on specific, mainly social, behaviors. This kind of treatment is of particular benefit to children with milder symptoms of autism. In our program, the number of hours of treatment are chosen for certain social engagement activities. 
  • Social Skills Work: The nuances of human interactions can be hard for a child with autism to grasp. Things we consider second-nature—eye contact, casual chit-chat, appropriate facial cues—don’t come naturally to someone with autism. We teach children how to listen, understand and process verbal and non-verbal cues, and master other one-on-one interactions. 
  • Parental Services: Parents of children with autism face an assortment of challenges with their child’s developmental difficulties. Thankfully, Ascend Autism’s treatment programs are here to help. Our parental services programs show parents how to be more than just caregivers. We train you to be a crucial part of their ongoing treatment. You’ll learn to help your child with their key issues, leading to improvements at home, school, and beyond.

Ascend Autism 

Ascend Autism’s services include autism treatment programs for families located in Westchester County, NY and offer a comprehensive approach to the challenges caused by Autism Spectrum Disorder. We can help provides answers and hope for children diagnosed with autism and their parents through effective treatment for the symptoms associated with ASD. If you are exploring autism treatment and are located in Westchester County, NY, please contact us at 877.323.8668.