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As a parent or family member, you already know your child’s individual behavior and needs better than anyone else. At Ascend Autism, we are committed to supporting and accelerating your child’s development in any way possible. We know that your family and your child are unique. We offer individualized parental services to support children on the autism spectrum and their families.

What Are Parental Services For Parents Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Parental support and services can include many types of support that Ascend Autism can offer to parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Most children served by Ascend Autism begin with home-based services. We provide ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) treatment in the following areas:

Parental support services can encompass parent training to help them assist in their child’s ASD treatment. Parents play an integral role in the core set of Ascend Autism’s therapy services at all levels and phases of treatment.

Parent training is an important part of the guidelines for a strong ABA program for children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Parent support services include care coordination and psychoeducation on ASD.

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Do Parental Services Include Training In How To Work With Our Child?

Another term for parent support services and training used in ABA is parent-mediated intervention (PMI). Ascend Autism’s ABA professionals and technicians will work with you.


We will establish a service plan for you and your child. You will learn techniques to help your child cope with core symptoms and improve behaviors that may be causing barriers at home and school.

Behavioral parent training can include help to improve behaviors, including:

Parental services can be conducted one-on-one, including therapist-guided parental coaching, while you’re interacting with your child. You can also have consultations with your care coordinator or therapist.


Services will be age-appropriate and will help you to gain skills working with your child at any age, from 18 months to adolescent.

Where Do Parental Services Take Place?

Ascend Autism provides parental support, training, and other services wherever our organization serves your family and your child. You can receive these services at home. Ascend Autism will assist in care coordination.


We help to bridge gaps in care for your child. You can receive help to coordinate educational interventions. We can also help to coordinate medical treatments and behavioral interventions.


Working together with you and your child, Ascend Autism will help you to learn interventions that can make a difference. Whether your child needs stronger social interaction or communication skills, you will gain skills that will help to strengthen your child.


Sometimes working in the child’s home or educational environment may be helpful. Ascend Autism’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts are experienced in working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder as well as parents.

Most of all, you will not be trying to deal with your child alone. Through Ascend Autism’s ABA programs, you and your child will receive individualized care and support. Let Ascend Autism support you and your child.


Our evidence-based techniques and experienced professionals can help children from 18 months through adolescence and beyond. Contact Ascend Autism at 877.323.8668 to learn how your child can achieve their best potential with support from our team.

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