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ABA Therapy in Hawthorne

Autism Therapy Services at our
ABA Therapy Center

Support Services for Autism at Our Hawthorne ABA Therapy Center

Ascend Autism’s Hawthorne ABA therapy center provides early intervention ABA therapy services for children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.


Nestled in the heart of Hawthorne, NY, Ascend Autism’s ABA Therapy Center is an invaluable resource for families seeking ABA therapy for their children diagnosed with autism. Our 6,000-square-foot facility, strategically designed as a warm and nurturing environment, serves as the foundation for our comprehensive autism therapy programs, including full-day, half-day, and after-school ABA therapy. 

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ABA Therapy Programs Offered in Hawthorne

At Ascend Autism ABA Therapy Center, we tailor our services to the unique needs of each child, employing a naturalistic and engaging play-based approach. Our extensive autism therapy programs target and enhance fundamental capabilities, including behavior, communication, social skills, and daily living skills. Our goal is to provide personalized interventions that foster growth and development in these crucial areas.


Each child in our care receives individualized therapy and support from Behavior Therapists trained in Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA Therapy). The supervision and direction of all services are provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), a Master’s level clinician.

Full-day Program

Our full-day ABA program is best suited for younger children aged 18 months to 5 years and focuses on developing skills in four main areas: behavior, communication, activities of daily living, and social skills. This is a 35-40-hour weekly program and is ideal for busy families who want to maximize progress and outcomes to prepare their child for attending school.

Half-day Program

Our half-day ABA therapy program offers similar benefits to the full-day program in a less intensive format of 20-25 hours per week during either a morning or afternoon session.

After-School Program

This is a center-based program for school-aged children to address behaviors, improve communication and independence, and develop social skills while putting these skills into practice with other children of similar age. The after-school program has limited availability. Please contact Ascend Autism today to inquire about our after-school programs.

NYS EI Group Program

Offered in accordance with NY State’s EI program¹, Ascend Autism offers two-hour early intervention ABA therapy sessions, five days per week. These services fit families who are unable to access our ABA services through their insurance or for children who do not have a formal autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.

Integrated Social Skills Learning

Social skills activities are integrated into each of our center-based services and are an integral part of our full-day and half-day programs. During our half-day and full-day programs, Ascend Autism provides daily opportunities for children to practice their developing social and communication skills.

Parent Coaching

These dedicated sessions with your child’s BCBA include personalized training and support for parents and other family members to facilitate generalization and the transfer of progress made at our ABA therapy center to the home environment.

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How Our Autism Therapy Program Begins


Parents’ Testimonials

Our Mission at Ascend Autism

With more than a decade of experience as healthcare providers and Board Certified Behavior Analysts, our mission is to support children diagnosed with autism and their families in achieving success on their unique journey. By employing evidence-based practices and targeted interventions within a nurturing and compassionate environment, we assist your child in learning how to navigate the world.

Accepted Health Insurance Plans

Ascend Autism’s services and therapy programs are typically covered by your health insurance, and we are proud to be an in-network provider for most plans. Below are a few of the insurances we accept, but please contact us if you have questions about your insurance coverage for our ABA services:

¹ Ascend Autism is an approved and contracted NY EIP provider and all EIP services are provided with no out-of-pocket costs to parents but your health insurance may be accessed. Ascend’s Toddler Developmental Group is a publicly funded program by NY state and the county, available to children under the age of three, who are believed to have a developmental disability. Services can only be provided after eligibility is determined by a state-approved evaluator and if eligible all services are identified in collaboration with parents and authorized by the municipality at which time the municipality will arrange for service providers based on the needs of the child and family. If interested in services, families should call (914) 813-5094. 

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