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In-Home ABA Therapy & Autism Services

For some families, home is the preferred setting for their child’s autism therapy. After all, home is a child’s first classroom. 


Ascend Autism provides home-based ABA therapy throughout Westchester County, NY and Connecticut. All in-home ABA services are performed by trained Behavior Therapists and personalized to your child’s needs.


If you want to learn more about the benefits of ABA therapy and how it works at home, keep reading!

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How Can I Support My Child With Autism at Home?

After receiving an ASD diagnosis, support your child by learning as much about autism as possible, creating a safe and loving environment for them at home, and encouraging their developmental growth. 


One of the most impactful ways you can support your child is with autism therapy. There are a handful of evidence-based therapy options for parents to consider, many of which can be done at home. Here are the methods we use in our in-home ABA therapy program:

Natural Environment Teaching (NET) is a scientifically proven teaching method that  incorporates a child’s natural environment into the teaching and generalization of skills. NET merges teaching and development opportunities into naturalistic, play-based interactions. Teaching is woven into play activities using familiar toys, games and materials while maximizing the child’s motivation to continue the activity or access materials.

Discrete Trial Training (DTT) teaches children new skills by breaking them down into smaller steps. DTT works to reduce the frequency of problem behaviors and helps develop new positive behaviors with encouragement and positive reinforcement. You can use this method alongside other in-home therapy options like play therapy, speech therapy, floor time, and parent-child interaction therapy.


As a best practice, when DTT is appropriate for a child, it is always used alongside NET and not instead of NET.

Play therapy helps children with autism to build social interaction and communication skills.

Speech therapy helps your child to develop communication skills.

Floor time is another communication aid that teaches children about back-and-forth interactions and verbal and non-verbal cues.

Parents can use these methods on their own or with the help of a behavioral therapist. You can increase your chance of success with these methods by working with a professional who is trained in ABA therapy and knowledgeable about behavior and coping mechanisms.

In-Home ABA Therapy Services for Autism

In-Home Therapy vs. Center-Based Therapy

The biggest difference between in-home therapy and therapy at a center is that sessions take place in the convenience of your own home. Some families prefer therapy at home because the familiar environment helps their child stay calm and focused on learning activities.


The ideal setting for therapy is dependent on many of factors. For some children, a center-based setting is more beneficial than therapy at home, and vice versa. During your initial assessment with a BCBA, it is always prudent to discuss the pros and cons of both settings.

How Can I Start In-Home Therapy for My Child?

Home-based therapy for autism can begin as soon as your child starts to show signs of ASD and services are recommended by a medical professional. The sooner the intervention begins, the better.


If you suspect your child needs ABA therapy, you should be proactive in getting your child help. In some states (such as in CT and NY, where we serve), an autism diagnosis* is necessary before insurance-covered therapy sessions can begin.


  1. Functional behavior assessment: An initial assessment is conducted by a  Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The assessment will include questions for parents about strengths and challenges as well as in-person observation and interaction with the child.
  2. Formal therapy plan: Based on the behavior assessment, a treatment plan is developed. The purpose of a formal therapy plan is to set defined goals and outcomes of therapy.
  3. Ongoing Therapy and Parental training: Once a treatment plan is approved, the child will begin regularly scheduled therapy sessions. Additional support and training may also be provided to parents and caregivers to assist with everyday living as well as to help reinforce positive behaviors addressed in therapy.
  4. Re-evaluation: The therapy plan is continually re-assessed as new information and data is gathered during the therapy sessions to ensure optimal outcomes.


*Ascend Autism does not offer diagnostic services.

Helping Children And Families Succeed!

The Benefits of In-Home ABA for Parents

In-home autism therapy has plenty of benefits for parents. The most immediate return comes from the relief many parents feel having another person on-hand who understands their child’s needs and is equipped to tend to them. 


A unique benefit of in-home therapy for parents is the convenience of having sessions at home. Busy parents can save time not having to commute to a center and being able to complete household tasks while their child receives care. 


Home therapy sessions also allow family members to actively participate in their child’s therapy. Parents, siblings, and extended family can all learn new skills and techniques for managing the child’s needs. This type of training helps families instruct their youngsters in areas like communication, socialization skills, imitation, play, adaptive skills, and disruptive behaviors. These skills can then be applied in everyday life to ensure that new skills are reinforced when specialists are not with the child. Having a specialist to teach new skills that caregivers can reinforce helps children maintain skills and reach goals faster.

Find the Best In-Home Autism Care with Ascend Autism

Ascend Autism is passionate about helping children with ASD lead successful lives. In-home care is one of many ways to tackle challenges early and reach goals quickly.


The spectrum of ASD behaviors is broad, and finding the right therapy for your child can be challenging. Our specialists are highly qualified and use evidence-based therapy that is tailored to your child. Our specialists also provide parental training, helping you to reinforce new skills as your child grows.


Our in-home ABA therapy service is available to children throughout New York and Connecticut. For more information, call us at 877-323-8668.

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