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What Is The Timeline For Your Child’s Autism Treatment?

For families of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), beginning a treatment program is a critical step. Early intervention therapy is key for the best outcomes, as it can set your child up for success in school and in their relationships. However, as you start the process of treatment, you might wonder how long autism treatment typically takes. While the autism treatment timeline will differ for every individual, there are a few things you can come to expect.

At Ascend Autism, we help children with ASD and their families through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which promotes lasting positive changes. Children in our ABA therapy programs learn social skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and tools for daily living tasks. We tailor every treatment plan to the individual child and work closely with parents so that they can help their children continue their progress at home. Learn more about autism treatment timelines and our programs by contacting Ascend Autism at (877) 323-8668 today.

A General Autism Treatment Timeline

The timeline for autism treatment will vary from child to child. Only an experienced therapist can determine how much time your child will spend in treatment. The amount of time that one child spends in treatment might not be adequate for a different child, and the type of therapy that is used can make the timeline look different as well. And whether you take in-home reinforcement into account when looking at an autism treatment timeline can also make a difference. Children benefit from having parents who help them practice what they learn in treatment, and these hours can be invaluable.

However, experts agree that early intervention for autism is best, and that treatment can begin as early as 18 months old. For a child whose autism treatment timeline begins this early, their parents can expect to spend several years in an intensive therapy program. For children in an early intervention treatment program, it is not atypical for them to spend 25-40 hours per week in therapy sessions.  

As children with ASD begin school, they will likely spend less time in formal treatment. Targeted intervention programs for school-aged children typically account for 10-25 hours per week, with many sessions occurring after school or on the weekends. Again, it is not atypical to spend multiple years in a targeted intervention program, but the results are almost always well worth the investment of time. 

Finally, as children with ASD get ready to graduate and move on to independent living, they might continue with treatment, which could include advanced behavioral therapy with a focus on adult activities of daily living and more advanced social skills. 

Skills Children Learn in Autism Therapy

In autism treatment programs, children with ASD will spend time working on a variety of essential skills. These are likely to include:

  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Daily living skills

Different types of therapy can assist in helping those with ASD acquire these different skills. For example, physical and occupational therapy can help with motor skills, while speech therapy can help with language and communication. The types of therapy that a child engages in can vary depending on their needs and goals. 

At Ascend Autism, we utilize ABA to help children develop healthy habits and to make lasting positive changes. When you reach out to our team, we can tell you more about potential timelines for treatment and skills your child can learn.

Get a Customized Treatment Timeline With Ascend Autism

Reach out to Ascend Autism today to learn more about autism treatment timelines, autism treatment skills, and our programs. Our locations offer all of the following programs:

Remember that early intervention is key to lasting positive outcomes. If your child has recently received an ASD diagnosis, reach out to our team. Starting with an assessment, we’ll determine the best program and timeline for your child’s unique needs. 

Discover the difference that our programs can make. Contact Ascend Autism at today.


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