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Early Signs of Autism

Detecting the early signs of autism is essential to being a conscientious parent. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a wide range of conditions challenging an individual’s social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and/or nonverbal communication

Autism Speaks stresses the Center For Disease Control’s (CDC) report that one in 59 children are on the autism spectrum. Once you’ve determined that your child may have autism spectrum disorder, getting a diagnosis from a medical professional and seeking an autism spectrum disorder treatment program are the next steps.

Early Signs of Autism

Let’s back up a bit because getting treatment as early as possible for autism is critical for the best outcome. It is imperative that you know the early signs of autism. 

Consider bringing your child to Ascend Autism. We can help you better understand the behaviors that your child is exhibiting. The sooner you find out exactly what you are dealing with, the better. 

According to the National Autism Center, these are some early signs of autism to look out for in your child:

  • Complete lack of social smiling by the age of six months
  • Lack of babbling, pointing or meaningful gestures by 12 months of age
  • Lacking the ability to use one-word communication by 16 months of age
  • Lack of two-word phrases by two years of age
  • Complete lack of or minimal eye contact
  • A lack of presenting items or sharing interests
  • An unusual or extraordinary attachment to a particular object or toy
  • Lack of response to sound, voices, or their name
  • A loss of the skills mentioned above at any time

Professionals recommend you speak with your pediatrician as soon as you notice any of these early signs of autism spectrum disorder.

As our name suggests, Ascend Autism encourages your child and your family to climb above the diagnosis of ASD. We are a team of professionals that emphasize positive outcomes for your family and your child. The aim is for your child to accomplish goals while they are enrolled at this facility. 

Autism may always be a part of your child’s life, but the team at Ascend is here to ensure that autism won’t be a barrier to living it.

Are You And Your Family Ready For the Ascension Over Autism?

Your child will gain a firm understanding of what autism means for them. At Ascend Autism, family members are an integral part of the treatment plan. We all know that social relationships begin in the home, so we can all watch your child soar together. Some other aspects of our program include:

  • Services customized to each child
  • Assessment of behavior is completed following a diagnosis
  • Board-certified behavioral analyst is onsite as required
  • In-home services offered around your schedule
  • Therapy rooted in the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Focus on activities of daily living in child’s natural environment
  • Ongoing communication to ensure parents and caregivers are apprised of progress

Many of the children that receive services from Ascend also attend traditional schools during the day. In addition to daytime hours, Ascend also offers after-school programming for your child. Because every child is different, and every child has a different way of dealing with ASD, we will never put your child in a box. They will always get individualized attention and programming.

If you notice any of the early signs of autism, don’t delay. Call us today at 877.323.8668 if you have additional questions that you need answered. We are here to help.

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