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What Is CPSE?

As a developmental disorder affecting verbal and nonverbal communication, autism’s impact on children three to five years old is significant. During this time, children first begin to socialize and interact with others beyond their immediate family. Often, this is a time when experts identify autism since it is when some classic characteristics first appear. 

Resistance to change and nonstandard responses to sensory experiences may suggest a child has autism spectrum disorder or ASD. As children with ASD enter the educational system, educators, peers, and parents face a unique set of challenges. It is important to know what is CPSE (Committee on Preschool Special Education).

An individual can be diagnosed with ASD at any age. Medical professionals predominately diagnose young children with ASD. It’s vital that children get the services they need as soon as possible. One way is through services provided by the CPSE. Each school district in New York state provides services through CPSE.

What is CPSE?

A CPSE is responsible for identifying and delivering services to preschool children (ages three to  to five). Among these children are those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (or any other developmental disability). 

What is CPSE Made Up Of? 

These committees consist of parents as well as other invested parties to evaluate and make recommendations for placement in treatment. A CPSE consists of some combination of parents, guardians, regular teachers, special education teachers, school district representatives, municipality representatives and experts such as a school psychologist. These individuals come together to review and determine what a child diagnosed with autism needs out of their public education.

The CPSE will evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses to determine their current level of functioning. These traits may include behaviors like dressing and eating to reasoning and problem-solving. Also, the committee will attempt to gauge the child’s degree of socialization, their motor skills, and how receptive or expressive they are. 

Medical and psychological professionals conduct these examinations. Classroom observations by case managers augment these evaluations. The CPSE reviews the evaluations and progress reports from other providers interacting with the child. Because the CPSE strives to make sure children get the best services, the process is involved and deliberate.

CPSE’s Services

If you think your child needs the attention that a Committee on Preschool Special Education provides, then write to your CPSE asking for your child to be evaluated. Families can access CPSE services without charge. Also, their services can be provided wherever the child needs them – home, care center, or preschool.

If your child is found eligible, a plan specifically designed for them will be developed. The plan will include parents, administrators, teachers, and evaluators, so everyone has input and a clear understanding of the child’s needs.

Ascend Autism Can Answer Your CPSE Questions Today

If you have further questions related to CPSE, how autism affects your child, or how you can get involved, the experts at Ascend Autism can help. 

We have an array of services for treating autism spectrum disorder and commit ourselves to help children and families cope. We offer the following:

We have the experts who can answer your questions and concerns. You can reach out to us directly using our easy online form. Contact us by calling 877.323.8668.


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