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ABA Therapy for Autism in Darien, CT

Autism affects 1 in 54 children in America. In 2007, the prevalence of autism was 1 in 150 children. Thus, the need for effective treatment has increased dramatically over the last decade. Unfortunately, science has yet to find a single root cause for autism spectrum disorder or ASD. We do know that genetic and environmental factors both play a role in the manifestation of ASD.


Ascend Autism provides autism therapy throughout Connecticut, including  Darien, CT. Ascend Autism families know they’ll be provided with the resources and techniques necessary to best deal with an ASD diagnosis.


What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder is a collection of developmental disorders varying in severity. Symptoms typically help determine where on the “spectrum” an individual falls. From there, a specialist can help identify the specific issues or deficits that an individual can target via therapy interventions. Without proper treatment, ASD can make life very challenging. However, with early diagnosis and treatment, many individuals with ASD and their families can overcome these obstacles.

Ascend Autism offers autism therapy programs in Darien, CT where families can turn to for a variety of different types of interventions based on the child’s particular needs. At the core of all our treatments is a therapy called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is recognized as the most effective intervention to address the difficulties arising from autism spectrum disorder. 

Among other things, ABA helps individuals improve their focus, memory, social skills, language, communication skills, and academics. Ascend Autism’s treatments fall into four main categories:, early intervention, targeted intervention, social skills work and parental services.

ABA Programs for Families in Darien, CT

ASD presents unique challenges to caregivers. At Ascend Autism, we do our utmost to not only help the child adjust to their situation, but also the entire family. Some of the areas where we focus our attention at Ascend Autism include:

Autism treatments are most effective when they start as early as possible in the child’s life. Signs of autism can develop in children by 18 months of age, and treatment can start as soon as a medical professional provides a diagnosis. Early intervention usually takes place at home and is customizable to each child’s particular needs. We use different techniques, tools, and games to create a supportive, stimulating environment in a familiar location.

This kind of treatment is of particular benefit to children who are school age and would benefit from after-school therapy sessions. In our program, the number of hours of treatment is chosen based on the needs of each individual child.


Someone with autism may not naturally intuit meaning from interactions that come naturally to others. For example, eye contact, casual conversation using idioms and euphemisms, and facial or other bodily cues can present significant difficulties to someone with ASD. Therefore, we teach children how to listen, understand, and process verbal and non-verbal cues. Further, we encourage mastery of other one-on-one interactions.

Parents of children with autism face an assortment of challenges, both emotional and practical. Thankfully, Ascend Autism’s treatment programs can help. Our parental services programs show parents how to be more than just caregivers. Instead of being reactive or passive when dealing with ASD, we train you to be a crucial part of your child’s ongoing treatment. You’ll learn to help your child with their key issues, leading to improvements at home, school, and beyond.

Helping Children And Families Succeed!

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The spectrum of ASD behaviors is broad, and finding the right treatment for your child can be challenging. However, no matter your needs, reach out to Ascend Autism. Not only can we provide thorough care to your child, but we can educate and train the entire family.

At Ascend Autism, we customize treatment based on our client’s needs and tailor our efforts to each child. So reach out today at 877.323.8668. 


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