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Get in Touch with Ascend Autism!

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Support for Autism Caregivers

With 1 in every 54 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), there are countless parents and caregivers that find themselves facing new challenges at almost every hour of the day. This can lead to exhaustion and excessive stress. Thus, there needs to be support for autism caregivers, as well as those diagnosed with ASD. Without proper support for caregivers, everyone affected by ASD suffers. While many think parents are the exclusive caregivers for those with ASD, there are many others. A caregiver is any person that has direct input or an impact on the well-being of someone with an autism spectrum disorder. For instance, family members, babysitters, doctors, therapists, and teachers are all caregivers. All of these caregivers work together as a team to help support children with ASD.

Respite Care for Autism Caregivers

One means of support for autism caregivers is respite care. This kind of support for autism caregivers involves someone else taking over responsibility to cover the needs of your loved one with ASD for a brief period of time. It’s designed to give regular caregivers and parents the chance to rest, recuperate, and recharge while still providing the child with the attention they require. The National Respite Network is a non-profit dedicated to supporting caregivers and parents. It helps them find competent, trained respite care.

The Importance of Support for Autism Caregivers

Because individuals with autism exist on a spectrum, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to care. Thus, what may have worked in assisting one child may not work with another. So despite a caregiver’s past successful experience, new challenges and difficulties will inevitably arise. Often, this leads to persistent stress, which makes finding avenues of support for autism caregivers vital.

Many factors contribute to the stress caregivers and parents experience. For instance, behavioral problems like aggression and tantrums are a challenge. There are other issues as well, such as:

  • Cognitive impairments
  • Mood disturbances
  • Functional dependence
  • Hyperactivity
  • Noncompliance
  • Lack of self-care ability
  • Language deficits
  • Learning disabilities

These are just some of the issues facing caregivers over the lifespan of helping those with ASD. Therefore, reducing stress and strain is key. While it may be difficult for some caregivers, reaching out for help and taking a break to see to one’s health is essential. Burnout is a real danger. It threatens to undo progress and increases the likelihood of regression.

Finding help and support at Ascend Autism is one way to alleviate the pressures and strain. We use Applied Behavior Analysis (or “ABA”) to identify behavior triggers and reduce problem behaviors. Working with Ascend Autism is a way parents and caregivers can get a better handle on how to cope. We believe support for autism caregivers begins by providing them with the resources they need and assuring them they are not alone.

Ascend Autism

When treating those with ASD, parents and caregivers need information and resources. Through Ascend Autism’s telehealth services for autism treatment, support, and training is more accessible than ever before. Parents and caregivers have children diagnosed and enrolled in early intervention programs. Also, they’ll learn more about ASD and their role in treatment from qualified professionals. At Ascend Autism, we provide ASD caregivers with a wide array of services for treating autism spectrum disorder such as:

Also, we understand that some caregivers need more practical options in the home or where they work. Therefore, Ascend Autism offers telehealth services as support for autism caregivers so they can stay connected even when they are unable to attend sessions in-person. So reach out to us today at (877) 323-8668 or use our easy online form. We can get you access to the resources and treatment you and your child need and deserve!


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