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Get in Touch with Ascend Autism!

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How To Help Teens With Autism Transition To Adulthood

With 1 in 54 children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or ASD, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s clear there is a growing wave of teens with ASD moving through our educational system. While there are more resources and treatment programs for teenagers with ASD than ever before, parents… Continue reading How To Help Teens With Autism Transition To Adulthood

5 Autism Parenting Tips

Autism spectrum disorder or ASD covers a wide range of behaviors. ASD can cause issues with communication, anxiety, social interaction, and repetitive behaviors. This can make parenting children diagnosed with autism a challenge. Ascend Autism understands that every child with ASD has unique needs requiring support geared specifically to them. However, some broad autism parenting… Continue reading 5 Autism Parenting Tips

Autism Therapy Programs

Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is becoming more and more treatable through various autism therapy programs. This is good news, as screening for ASD improves and more families than ever are facing an ASD diagnosis for their child, leaving these families and caregivers looking for therapy options. Here at Ascend Autism, we embrace Applied… Continue reading Autism Therapy Programs

Helping Children With Autism During Covid-19

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing practices arising from the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted us all. However, for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their family, and caregivers, the pandemic has created numerous challenges. It’s important during this ongoing crisis that we all come together to establish ways of dealing with these challenges. Also, we… Continue reading Helping Children With Autism During Covid-19

Benefits of Telehealth for Autism Treatment

Benefits of telehealth for autism treatment include expanding access for those living in rural settings, lowering costs, and providing more flexibility for families with children that have autism spectrum disorder (or ASD). Ascend Autism understands the utility and value of telehealth, which is why we offer it to give families and caregivers more support to… Continue reading Benefits of Telehealth for Autism Treatment

Support for Autism Caregivers

With 1 in every 54 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), there are countless parents and caregivers that find themselves facing new challenges at almost every hour of the day. This can lead to exhaustion and excessive stress. Thus, there needs to be support for autism caregivers, as well as those diagnosed with ASD.… Continue reading Support for Autism Caregivers

Preschool Special Education Program

No matter how severe a child’s condition with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), they have a right to a free, appropriate public education. From the moment a child enters a preschool special education program, state and federal government guarantees protections and benefits to make sure they receive an appropriate education without cost to parents. However, finding… Continue reading Preschool Special Education Program

Aging Out of Early Intervention

Early intervention, also known as “Birth to Three”, has been proven effective in improving the communication and social interactions of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). But what happens when a child begins aging out of early intervention? Where are parents to look for further help in facing the challenges of autism spectrum disorder?… Continue reading Aging Out of Early Intervention

Early Intervention for Autism

Diagnosed cases of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in America’s youth have been on the rise for the past two decades. Today, approximately one in every 68 children in the US is considered to be “on the spectrum.” In recent years, our understanding of autism and the challenges it presents have increased dramatically. However, it wasn’t… Continue reading Early Intervention for Autism

In-Home Treatment for Autism

There’s a great deal written about how children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) cope with their disability outside of the home. Although ASD does present definite challenges in social and educational situations, it doesn’t take the rest of the day off. Autism is always present and active, especially at home. In many ways, the home… Continue reading In-Home Treatment for Autism