Early Intervention, Parental Services, and More

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a collection of developmental disorders that range from hardly noticeable to life-changing. A child diagnosed with autism is said to be “on the spectrum,” and exactly where they fall on the spectrum depends on the severity or acuteness of their symptoms. These symptoms vary from case to case and include verbal and non-verbal communication issues, social difficulties, and repetitive behaviors. Furthermore, ASD can hinder the development of life skills like personal hygiene, personal safety, career opportunities, and others.

Applied Behavior Analysis in Worcester and Middlesex Counties

Ascend Autism’s programs are rooted in the principles of a therapy called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Using the most up-to-date science on learning and behavior, experts and practitioners in the field understand that ABA is the most effective way to address the difficulties associated with autism. ABA helps individuals improve communication skills, social skills, memory, focus, and daily living activities. As a flexible and pragmatic approach, it relies heavily on positive reinforcement. Ascend Autism embraces this approach looking to help individuals and families achieve their goals in therapy.

Our Programs in Worcester, MA Include Early Intervention

Ascend Autism’s experts are here to help parents and caregivers sift through the science and treatment of autism spectrum disorder to get at the therapy that best fits their family’s needs. We have various services for treating autism spectrum disorder and commit ourselves to help children and families. For instance, we offer the following:

  • Social Skills Work: Someone with autism may not naturally intuit meaning from interactions that come naturally to others. We teach children how to listen, understand, and process verbal and non-verbal cues while encouraging mastery of other one-on-one interactions.
  • Parental Services: Parents of children with autism face an assortment of challenges, both emotional and practical. Our parental services programs support caregivers, helping them become a part of a child’s treatment.
  • Early Intervention: Autism treatments are most effective when they start as early as possible in the child’s life. Signs of autism can develop in children by 18 months of age.
  • Targeted Intervention: This kind of treatment is of particular benefit to school-age children and would benefit from after-school therapy sessions.

Ascend Autism’s ABA Therapy Programs

There are different types of applied behavior analysis effective for treating ASD. Each type emphasizes a particular approach designed to give therapists and caregivers the variety of tools necessary to address specific needs. Some of these types of ABA include:

  • Natural Environment Teaching (NET): This technique involves teaching the child in an environment they’re already comfortable and familiar with.
  • Discrete Trial Training (DTT): This breaks a desired behavior into the simplest steps. It uses prompts and rewards at each step or stage, but these rewards are phased out as the treatment continues.
  • Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT): This approach intends to improve a child’s motivation to learn, self-manage, and initiate communication with others. These are the pivotal areas PRT focuses upon rather than broader behavioral issues. The therapy is usually initiated by the child with ASD and is play-based. In PRT, the entire family is encouraged to make lifestyle changes, so the child with ASD experiences consistency across interactions.
  • Verbal Behavior (VB): Sometimes called Verbal Behavior Intervention or Verbal Behavior Treatment, VB is concerned with improving communication and verbal skills. When a child is non-vocal, VB works to help them communicate with a clear, distinct purpose rather than merely functionally. Doing so helps children improve their vocalization as they learn to express themselves and get what they want by using language.
  • In-Home Therapy: Regardless of the age of your child, working with them at home provides numerous opportunities for growth and learning. The home environment offers comfort and familiarity that is not found in other treatment settings, which helps your child stay calm and focused on learning activities. In-home autism treatment can begin as soon as the child starts to show signs of ASD and services are recommended by a medical professional.

So reach out to us today at 877.323.8668. Learn how we can help support you in getting your child the treatment they need. We help all families in Worcester and Middlesex counties, and proudly serve Springfield and Amherst, Massachusetts and beyond!